About The Druid Garden

We Invite You to "Unbelieve"

Lured by the magnificence of global culinary delight, The Druid Garden is an amalgamation of elegance, authenticity, and ingenious creativity. With a menu that touches over 15 of the world's most acclaimed cuisines, our culinary artists have maintained a fine balance between modernity and classicism. Every ingredient is drawn from the source and we take immense pride in stating that our chefs do not use any artificial flavours or colours.

Our Czech brew masters create elixirs to transcend you to the European beer garden, while every hand crafted cocktail coaxes you to rethink the norm. Fluid architecture, design, and interiors; and a performance stage with a host of an eclectic ensemble of talent emanate an array of experiences for our guests, making every visit a journey of discovery.


A seasonal menu with 15 of world’s most acclaimed cuisines


Watch our brilliant chefs put on a grand show with every spin and spark


Hop aboard any weekend for a LIVE doze of few of Bengaluru's favourites


Sky is the limit with a ceiling that compliments Bengaluru's every mood


A multi-layered seating to hold a crowd of 500, inclusive of a VIP deck


Savor authentic European beer crafted to finesse by Czech brew masters


  • client1
    “Danish Sait - Stand-up comedian, RJ”

    "It is North Bangalore’s best place to be at. Come and check this place out, it’s really cool."

    Zomato | Zomato
  • client3
    “Behram Siganporia - Best Kept Secret”

    This is a venue which seems perfect for a live performance. Mild sound system installed, a fantastic stage which can probably accommodate up to 20 musicians at once. I'm so glad that Druid Garden is finally in Bangalore and I can't wait to get on the stage with my band and rock on.

    Zomato | Zomato
  • client2
    “Ivan Nilkon - DJ”

    An incredible new space with an incredibly talented line-up of DJs from across the country and the world raising the decks at this fabulous venue. I look forward to seeing you all here soon.

    Zomato | Zomato